Join us on Sunday’s for Re.Mark.Able

A journey through the book of Mark : Extraordinary Life For Ordinary People!

Service on Sunday’s at 8:30am, 9:45am, 11:11am, and 12:30pm

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Re.Mark.Able WEEK ONE                                                            Re.Mark.Able WEEK SEVEN

Re.Mark.Able WEEK TWO                                                           Re.Mark.Able WEEK EIGHT

Re.Mark.Able WEEK THREE                                                        Re.Mark.Able WEEK NINE

Re.Mark.Able WEEK FOUR                                                         Re.Mark.Able WEEK TEN

Re.Mark.Able WEEK FIVE                                                           Re.Mark.Able WEEK ELEVEN

ReMark.Able WEEK SIX                                                             Re.Mark.Able WEEK TWELVE 

                                             Re.Mark.Able WEEK THIRTEEN 






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