Session 19 – John 19

Passage: John 19
Right before Jesus took His last breath, He spoke the words, “It is finished.” Jesus finished what we couldn’t.
In His three years of ministry, Jesus completed the task set before Him. He voluntarily chose to sacrifice Himself, knowing His death would pay the penalty for our sin and create a way for us to become right with God and have a relationship with God. We were born sinful and separated from God. Accepting that Jesus is our Savior is the only way we are able to restore that relationship. Jesus finished what we could not.
Jesus finished so we could believe. John tells us in verse 35 that this testimony of Jesus was given, “so that you also may believe.” The events of Jesus’s death on the cross were recorded based on an eyewitness testimony. You and I were not there to see this with our own eyes but someone did see these things and recorded them. God gave us someone tangible to believe in by sending His son, Jesus, here to earth. Jesus gave His life to make a way for us to have life (John 10:10).
1) What did you learn about Jesus from this chapter?
2) What area(s) in your life seem too overwhelming to finish? What strength can you find from Jesus?
3) Jesus said that Peter would deny Him, but later come back to follow Christ (Luke 22:31-34). Do you carry the fear that Jesus is surprised by your sin? What does it mean to you to know that Jesus loves you despite what you have done or will do?