Online Communities


Click here to login or create an account with River Valley’s Church Community Builder. Church Community Builder is a database and social connection for the people of River Valley. You will have your own profile that will allow you to update your own personal information, see church calendars, plan events, interact with your Community Group and set up online giving. For your privacy your personal information is not seen by all members of River Valley and no information is given out.

  1. On that page click on sign up.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation – in that email click on your email address.
  3. You will then set and confirm your password, the password must consist of both letters and numbers. Password is case sensitive.
  4. Once you entered your password it will ask you to then login – The username will be your email and then the password you just set. Don’t forget it is case sensitive.
All ready signed up with Church Community Builder

Get Social With Us!

To get the latest updates and happenings with River Valley and its members, connect with us through social networks. You can post questions, see photos, learn about upcoming events, and see the day-to-day updates we love to share.