LOVE: Community Groups


The New Testament is about imperfect people, learning to love, forgive, embrace and relate with other imperfect people. Each book is saturated with relational language: forgive, serve, share, encourage, stimulate, build up, honor, respect, speak truth, be compassionate. In view of this, we see the New Testament as a call to authentic, life enhancing and life-changing community. In community groups we learn to live together like Jesus lives—in loving obedience to the Father and in loving commitment to one another.


Community Groups are one of our Connections, and are valuable because:

  1. They help you connect on a deeper level with other people that attend River Valley
  2. They take you deeper into the Bible as we take a more in depth look at the sermon most recently preached
  3. They connect a community of believers into serving

Click the image below to watch a story about what community groups mean at River Valley: 

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