Elementary (Kindergarten – 5th Grade)

We are very excited to welcome our wonderful school aged kids.  We have made every effort to make the classrooms inviting, fun, and educational for the River Valley Kids.  Below is a typical Sunday morning.

Community Time.  Kids have access to games, crafts, Legos, and many other fun items.  The focus of this time is to facilitate kids getting to know each other and building relationships.
Praise and Worship Time Kids are encouraged to join in and praise the Lord.
Lesson of the Week.  We use the 252 Basics Curriculum through Orange, http://www.whatisorange.org/ .  There is a theme each month and included in that is a Bible story, Bottom Line, Memory Verse, Life Application, and Basic Truth for each week.  The five areas are incorporated into a lesson which is delivered through a digital program and followed by group discussion
Activity The lesson is reinforced by the kids completing an activity.  The activity may be individual or group, active or reflective, craft or paper based, depending upon the lesson.
Parent Cue Each River Valley Kid is given a Parent Cue with the information from the lesson for parents to reinforce during the week.  
We are dedicated to ensuring that our River Valley Kids receive the best instruction and care in a highly secure environment.  Parents are able to attend service knowing that their children are safe and being well taken care of. Every classroom has two trained adults and most have an additional teen who is also trained and ready to assist the teachers or students.  Each classroom also has access to a restroom inside the room so there is no reason for the child to need to leave for any reason.