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Volunteer for River Valley Kids!

Click on this video now! Check it out, Jesus has called us to serve Him, His Church and People! Why not start by serving and sharing God’s love with our Children.  ...
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Jamie Ehresman – Volunteer of the Month / July

Close to six foot tall, shaved head and stature likely descended from Goliath stock, if you ran across Jamie Ehresman on the street you might expect a personality to match. However, instead of finding a sort of gruff toughness that would likely inspire you to turn the other way, you...
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Kelli Biles – Volunteer of the month / June

The first thing I noticed about Kelli was her size. Barely grazing five feet tall I felt like a giant standing next to her. Until she opened her mouth and started telling me about her life and then I realized she had a heart the size of the room we...
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Kimberly Dunlap’s Story

“Growing up, I was more comfortable in the darkness than in the light. You see, we had this crawl space under our house, and when my mom and dad would fight I would go under there, sometimes for hours. I actually felt safer, in the dark with bugs and spiders...
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